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We have created this page to house important updates for our clients and the public.

Below you will find resources for tax planning, business owners, and personal financial planning. You will also find the link to our YouTube channel where you can view additional videos, webinars, and livestreams on a variety of topics surrounding COVID-19.


General Updates

Tuesday, March 24:

As mandates from governmental officials have been implemented, our offices have been required to make additional adjustments to our temporary work from home arrangement. We are making every effort to ensure that this situation will not impact the timeliness or quality of service we provide our clients.
We are complying with Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio recommendations to shelter in place, and are enforcing a full work from home arrangement for all employees.
You should see no disruption in service during this time, but here are some key details to know:
  • Through our technology, all ARGI employees will be available during normal business hours (8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday through Friday). We will utilize phone and virtual means of communication throughout the remainder of the shelter at home order.
  • We will continue to have a representative answering the phone for each location, and they will be routing calls to our employees working remotely. You can also contact us through our direct lines. Please click here to view a list of direct extension lines for ARGI employees. If you are calling for SCA, please call (270) 769-6371.
  • Each office location will have a representative available to pick up mail regularly. However, we do not have the ability to accept packages at this time.


Personal Planning Resources

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Business Owner Resources

SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application

Business Closing Checklist

Main Street Lending Program

SBA Interim Guidance on PPP – Self Employed Individuals

HHS Emergency Fund Payments to Health Care Providers

Paycheck Protection Application Form
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Wednesday, April 1:

U.S. Senate’s Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act
Paycheck Information Sheet for Borrowers
Paycheck Protection Payment  Loan & Forgiveness Calculator

Tuesday, March 24:

Join us Wednesdays at 10:00 AM EST for Business Owner livestream! Submit questions to [email protected]

We understand the news surrounding COVID-19, the market and the economy can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help ensure you are receiving information that is accurate and up to date regarding our current landscape. To provide you with a consistent educational resource, our teams have joined forces to livestream each afternoon on our YouTube channel. These weekly discussions will focus on topics specifically for business and practice owners.

Monday, March 23:

Three Step Process: SBA Disaster Loans

Friday, March 20:

The news of the past few weeks has been increasingly unsettling for many Americans, especially those who own or operate businesses, and companies across the nation are planning for the economic impact COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will have. In times of economic uncertainty, business continuity plans are crucial to counteract the possibility of business decline. Business owners are now facing questions such as:

• How does COVID-19 impact our daily operations?

• How will employees’ schedules change?

• What capital (cash) do we need to have readily available?

• What can we do to keep our business moving forward?

An important part of business continuity is regular communications with your employees and your clients. Even if you do not have all the answers, updated information and communication can go a long way in preserving your client and employee base. Generally speaking, people find comfort in hearing their leaders are addressing critical situations head on. Many government officials are encouraging those who can to implement a work from home (WFH) arrangement with their employees. While we understand this may not be possible for many companies, for those that are able to WFH can help ensure business continuity while flattening the curve of COVID-19.

For all businesses, times of extreme uncertainty are navigated by making sound business decisions based on the facts available to you. That navigation hinges on a working capital strategy. Cash has always been king, and in times of crisis it proves to be a key component for companies who can sustain prolonged interruptions in cash inflows and/or sustained increases of outflows.

1. Review your outstanding debts. Oftentimes, vendors are willing to work with their clients on payment plans, and may be willing to relax terms for a short period of time in order to increase the odds of getting paid. Additionally, you may consider contacting your lending institutions to talk through what refinancing options may be available to you. Think about reducing pre-payments of any debt repayment schedules you may currently have.

2. Consider reaching out to reputable accounts receivable factoring companies to free up aging A/R and shift the risk of repayment to a much larger institution.

3. Pay attention to the changing landscape from all government levels regarding employment expense mitigation. In recent days, we have seen discussions related to PTO and structured time away. We will be sharing information about these changes as soon as we know it is real and actionable.

4. Consider reaching out to your commercial insurance agent if you have purchased business income continuity or overhead expense coverage. The current provisions in most policies require *a physical loss* to claim business income continuity coverage. However with the rapidly changing climate, we recommend you be in contact with your agent for updates as it relates to your specific policy. You may have options available to your small business/practice due to the declaration of the national emergency, under the Stafford Act.

5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have to talk about your people. For most employers, cutting compensation, benefits, or people is the very last thing they want to consider. We feel the same way. However, if it comes to that point, you must have thought through the who, what, when, why, and how these types of changes will impact your business – and the process in which these changes will be communicated to those affected. For all businesses, working capital preservation can take many forms and will have varying impacts on your company, your people, your customers, clients and patients, and ultimately on you, the owner.

With the blinding speed of change and the deafening noise of the media fomenting uncertainty, it can be difficult, if not impossible to find the space and time to evaluate your options. That’s why we believe you need to have a plan – a real plan – that fully takes into consideration how your decisions will impact your company and your peoples’ short and long-term stability. If you are currently evaluating your company’s business continuity plan, we are here and happy to discuss your specific questions and concerns with one of our business advisors. While it is impossible for anyone to predict the spread of COVID-19 and what the potential impact of this virus could be, it does not change our fundamental focus to continually serve you. We value our relationship with you and are committed to guiding you through this historically unprecedented situation. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your advisor team directly so they can discuss your personal situation with you.

Tax Planning Resources

Friday, March 20:

In the last few hours, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced an automatic 90-day extension to the filing deadline for “all taxpayers and businesses.” This means, without filing anything (extension or actual return), your return is safeguarded from any failure to file, failure to pay, or interest charges until July 15th. This is the additional extension of time to file on top of the already announced decision to extend the time to pay.

July 15th is the new April 15th.

In terms of our strategic plan, nothing changes in relation to the timelines that we presented in our communication on Wednesday night. Coincidentally, this announcement from the Treasury is the exact same outcome we were looking to synthetically create through extending everyone’s returns. Based on the Secretary’s tweet, we are interpreting it to mean you DO NOT need to formally file an extension to file by the new July 15th deadline. With that said, if we determine that is not the case for your specific circumstances, we will let you know individually and talk you through a plan to file one proactively on your behalf. There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the fine-print and we’re committed to getting those answers. We’ll communicate those to you based on relevance and as the facts become clearer. Please know we’re still working on returns and focused on prioritizing returns with refunds as much as possible. We should reiterate, your health and safety is of upmost importance to us, and this new set of deadlines provides us with more flexibility. With our available technology and the use of mail, there is no need at this time to risk exposure by leaving your home. We thank you for your continued trust in us, and we’ll continue to update you as things change.

Video Resources

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Other Resources

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