The ARGI Experience

Establish Goals

We ask you to share with us your vision for the future and your family’s future, as well as what type of lifestyle you enjoy living in the present and the priority level of each goal.

Gather Data

Together, we identify and take a snapshot of your financial life – your income and expenses, investment accounts, insurance policies, wills, trusts, and other financial documents, which are used to create a financial picture of where you are at this point in time.

Analyze Data

We will analyze your current financial picture and measure it against everything you want to do, so we can identify any gaps that may exist.

Propose Solution

Your written financial plan is presented for your review, to show the summary of our conclusions based on our analysis and, more importantly, to show the steps we believe are needed to take in order to meet your goals and objectives.

Implement Plan

Once the plan is in place, we recommend strategies to help accomplish your goals and discuss how our partnership can help the well-thought-out plan to become a reality.

Review and Revise

Your plan will evolve over time as life changes or occurrences take place. Our regular meetings with you allow for necessary adjustments to your plan, making sure it stays in direct alignment with your goals, even as they change.

The ARGI Experience

The ARGI Experience is about your goals and your future.

It starts with a conversation that we call The Initial Discovery Process, typically 60-90 minutes in duration. We discuss where our clients want to be and what type of lifestyle they want to live while getting there. Then we analyze their present circumstances, resources, and objectives, developing a written financial plan. Once the plan is in place, we recommend strategies to help accomplish these goals and keep our clients focused on the path to realizing their dreams, even if those dreams change over time.

The ARGI team will schedule regular meetings with our clients and assist in the management of financial affairs. We regularly evaluate our clients’ plans, making necessary adjustments and revisions to maintain direct alignment with each of their goals.

The ARGI Team and Specialties

CFO and Accounting Services

Your Business Management and Accounting Services team is here to take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business. Your team works together to help you streamline costs, solve problems and create peace of mind.

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Client Service

ARGI’s Client Service Team schedules meetings, processes account and insurance applications and related paperwork, and assists with your administrative needs.

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Your Investment team works together to provide you with investment solutions throughout all market climates.

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Tax Services

Your Tax team works together to develop strategies designed to help you with tax planning and execution.

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ARGI’s Compliance team is here to help protect our clients, our firm, and our advisors by making sure we are following the guidelines outlined by the SEC.

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Business Retirement Plan Services
Your Business Retirement Plan Services team strives to provide you with the clarity, direction, and education necessary to make financial decisions that will bring you closer to the goals set by you and your participants.

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Personal Planning
Your Personal Planning team works together to develop strategies designed to help you find clarity, confidence and direction toward your financial goals.

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Corporate Services
Your Corporate Services team works together to help you understand, appreciate and potentially maximize your company’s corporate benefit offering.

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Risk Management
Your Risk Management team helps clients manage specific financial risks in their portfolios, so they can retire financially independent and meet their legacy and charitable goals.

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All of your team members are available to answer any questions you may have and will be here every step of the way.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial Analysis
A thorough analysis of your current financial position with recommendations on debt reduction and cash-flow management.

Income Tax Planning
A projection of your current and future tax liabilities, including appropriate tax reduction techniques.

Legacy Planning
An estimate of the gross value of your estate, projected taxes and other estate expenses, and strategies to help distribute your assets during and after your lifetime according to your plan.

Education Planning
Assistance in accumulating funds to efficiently meet your children’s education goals.


Protection Planning
A full review of all of your life and disability insurance policies, income protection plans, long-term care plans, and automobile and homeowners policies.

Retirement Planning
Estimates for your retirement income and expenses, savings requirements, planned cash distribution, asset accumulation and healthcare needs.

Investment Planning
A review of current investment strategies in light of long- and short-term financial goals and a recommendation for ways to help maximize investment effectiveness and minimize risk.

Business Planning
A plan to help you develop or maintain your business, illustrating how your business interests affect your personal financial situation.