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  • U.S. stocks climbed to new highs in September outperforming all other asset classes.
  • The S&P 500 finished the month up 2.06% pushing the index up 14.24% year-to-date.
    • Top Sectors: Technology (+8.6%), Energy & Telecom (+6.8%)
    • Bottom Sectors: Consumer Staples (-1.3%), Healthcare (+ 3.7)
    • Top Sectors: Technology (+26.02%), Healthcare (+18.75%)
    • Bottom Sectors: Telecom (-8.07%), Consumer Staples (+ 4.4%)

From a sector standpoint it’s not been an equal opportunity Bull Market for past 12 months.
Investors in Real Estate, Telecom, and Energy had negative returns for past 12 months during this bull market.

  • International developed countries performed in line with other markets up +2.53% for the month.
  • Emerging Markets gave back return in September (-0.37) but remains the outperformer YTD (+23.88%).
  • Long-Term Treasury yields increased on the month.
    • The 10 year Treasury yield rose from 2.12% to 2.35%
    • Long-term Treasury bond prices to decline -2.18%.


    • The Federal Reserve reaffirmed their intention to reduce it’s $4.2 trillion balance sheet starting in October.
    • Market expectations of another rate hike in 2017 have risen despite a low inflation environment.chart







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