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On November 11, we honor the men and women who have served, and are currently serving our country in the armed forces. Veterans Day is a time to reflect and give thanks for their courage, bravery, and sacrifice.


For those visiting our offices this month, you may notice green lights in our lobby. This is in recognition of the national campaign Greenlight a Vet. This campaign began as a way to establish visible national support for our veterans.  As a color of hope, renewal and well-being, the simple act of changing one light to green creates a symbol of recognition and appreciation. To learn more please visit


As ARGI has grown, so have the number of our veteran service members. This month, we are shining a light on ARGI employees and many of their family members who have served in the military:


Kevin Bright (husband of Denise Bright) – Army

Austin Butler (cousin of Dan Cupkovic)- Navy

Chris Butler (cousin of Dan Cupkovic)- Army

Art Chatfield- Army

David Cole (grandfather of Jenny Huelsman) – Navy

Robert Daigrepont (uncle of Rebecca Anderson)- Army

Christina Davis- Air Force

Jeremy Davis- Air Force

Joseph Davis (father of Jeremy Davis) – Army

Jim Downing- Air Force

Jesse Doyle- Marines

David A. Eakles (father of Clint Eakles)- Army

Michael Gnau (brother of Jan Peebles) – Army

Steven Meyer (brother-in-law of Brittany Meyer) – National Guard

Buddy Peebles, Sr. (father-in-law of Jan Peebles)- Army and Air Force

Buddy Peebles, Jr. (husband of Jan Peebles)- Air Force

Bryan Peebles- Air National Guard

Samantha Peebles (wife of Bryan Peebles)- Air National Guard

Rob Tittle- Air National Guard

Brian Quinlan (brother of Neil Quinlan)- Navy

Michael Quinlan (father of Neil Quinlan)- Army

Neil Quinlan- Army

Jack Smalley (father of Anne Elliott) – Navy Reserves

Glen Spedoske (grandfather of Shari Hooper) – Army

Rob Tittle – Air Force

Paul Vaal (stepfather of Steve Wahl)


This year, one of our veterans is receiving special recognition. Jeremy Davis, CFP®, CExP™, will be recognized as one of Louisville Business First’s Veteran Honorees. This is the third year Louisville Business First will be paying tribute to military veterans who have contributed to the local business community.


We are honored and thankful for the service of every veteran and current military member in the ARGI family. Please take a moment today to acknowledge, celebrate, reward or remember those veterans you know and have known.


Happy Veterans Day!