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Financial Planning – no matter where you are on the globe

Our goal is to help you find financial clarity. Whether you are at the peak of your career or descending into retirement, our team is here to help you create a financial plan that works for you.  For over a decade we have worked with IPA pilots and are familiar with your unique benefits.


We have exciting news to share!

We are pleased to announce that ARGI Financial Group (ARGI) has agreed to a combination with Cerity Partners, a leader in the wealth management industry.

While the name is new, our commitment to exemplify our heart of service by helping improve lives with every relationship remains unchanged. 

Check out  this message from one of our lead advisors servicing IPA pilots, Joe Tichenor, CFP®: 


While our headquarters is located in Louisville, KY, we work with clients around the world. We know you’re on the go – our systems are designed for 24/7 global access allowing you to stay as connected to your finances as you choose to be.


Welcome to ARGI, Leslie Tudor!

As a recent IPA retiree, Leslie focused on educating crew members on their contractual benefits, retirement planning options, and leaves of absence solutions. She has always enjoyed assisting our crew members in making the best choices for their personal situation and plans to continue that at ARGI.

Check out Leslie’s interview with ARGI Advisor, Joe Tichenor, CFP® to hear her full introduction.  

Our Team is Your Team

We believe creating a financial plan is the first step toward a successful retirement. Many factors affect your financial future, so we’ve created an in-house team of specialists to help you along the way.

As an ARGI client you will have a dedicated advisor team with access to specialists in other fields such as tax and insurance.

Download Your IPA Financial Planning Checklist

Making decisions regarding your IPA benefits can help you feel more confident about your personal financial situation. ARGI helps our clients find financial clarity by integrating their IPA benefits into their overall financial plan. Whether you’re busy growing your career, beginning a new phase of life, or preparing for retirement, ARGI is your financial partner for every walk of life. Download our financial planning checklist to help you navigate each step in your journey.

IPA Financial Planning Checklist

ARGI & IPA Through The Years

Let’s achieve your goals together.

Building for the future requires a comprehensive plan built on knowledge and experience. We believe that in order to provide our clients with the financial foundations they need to succeed, we must first take time to fully understand the depths of their personal financial goals.

For this reason, we offer a complimentary consultation to address any questions you may have. There is no cost and no obligation for you to take the first step toward financial clarity. Ready to learn more about the components of a Benefits Review? Check out our video.


Let’s work together.

Even if you’re not quite ready to take the next step, we’d love to keep in touch.

ARGI and IPA are separate and unrelated entities. ARGI is not endorsed, retained by or affiliated with IPA.

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ARGI was established in 1995, under the name R.D.B, Inc.; in 2001,renamed Advisor’s Resource Group, Inc.; in 2003, renamed ARGI Financial Group. In January 2010, ARGI Financial Group’s subsidiary, ARGI Investment Services, LLC became a Registered Investment Advisor.

*Advisory Services provided by ARGI Investment Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.