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Financial planning for every phase of life

ARGI is not affiliated with or endorsed by Johnson & Johnson or its benefits plans – allowing us to work as true independent advisors for our clients. We believe that comprehensive financial planning must look at the whole picture and integrate objective advice on company sponsored benefits. This holistic approach to financial planning strives to add clarity for both current employees and retirees around the country.


Retirement & Recessions



Your Financial Planning Checklist

Making decisions regarding your benefits can help you feel more confident about your personal financial situation. ARGI helps employees find financial clarity by integrating their company benefits into their overall financial plan. Whether you’re busy growing your career, beginning a new phase of life, or preparing for retirement, ARGI is your financial partner for every walk of life. 

Download our financial planning checklist to help you navigate each step in your journey.

Financial Planning Checklist

Let’s achieve your goals together.

Building for the future requires a comprehensive plan built on knowledge and experience. We believe that in order to provide our clients with the financial foundations they need to succeed, we must first take time to fully understand the depths of their personal financial goals. For this reason, we offer a complimentary consultation to review the following topics and address any questions you may have:

  • Pension Benefit (both old FAP and new RVP)
  • 401(k) Options
  • Pre-Tax vs. Roth Contributions
  • Stock Options
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Retirement Affordability and Tax Planning Opportunities

There is no cost and no obligation for you to take the first step toward financial clarity.



ARGI offers group benefit sessions to help you and your colleagues understand, appreciate, and make the most of your company benefits, so that you can stay focused at work and build confidence in your overall financial plan. Topics can be customized to fit the needs of specific employee demographics. Contact us to discuss scheduling a session for your team. 

Retirement & Pension Plans

Long-Term Incentive Plans

RSU’s & Stock Options

Company Benefits


Source: 2021 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey

Let’s work together.

Even if you’re not quite ready to take the next step, we’d love to keep in touch.

ARGI does not have an ongoing relationship with Johnson & Johnson and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Johnson & Johnson. ARGI and Johnson & Johnson are separate and unrelated companies. ARGI does not have a fiduciary relationship with any J&J Benefit Plan, it has not been engaged to provide services under or relating to any such Plan, it does not have an official or endorsed status as an advisor for J&J Benefit Plan participants, and ARGI’s advice has not been endorsed or approved by the fiduciary of any J&J Benefit Plan.

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