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Last week, the Cincinnati office and members of the Louisville office teamed up to lend a helping hand. With the coordination of Angel Spillers, Client Service Administrator for the Cincinnati office, the team spent their time at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati.

The group set out for Madisonville, Ohio, a neighborhood in the eastern part of Cincinnati. The task?  To help build a home for the Sanders’ Family: a single mother and her little girl.Drinking Coffee Before we Start

“The mother works full-time, but she helps with the build on the weekends,” said Zach our site manager for the day. “I love the fact that habitat homes always go to working people, they make sure to give them a hand up instead of a hand out.”

The group of 13 were split into two teams: those who didn’t mind heights and those who were better suited for the ground. Throughout the day the group installed vinyl siding, flashing, and shingles on the roof.

This is How You Hang Siding

“It meant so much knowing that we were helping to provide a home to a family who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it,” said Emily Trujillo, Marketing Coordinator from the Louisville office. “Our site manager explained that home ownership goes so much further for the family- that it extends to the possibility of sending their children to college, to start a better career for themselves, and ultimately a better life!”

Zach plans to have the home completed and ready to move in by Thanksgiving. “We want to make this home ready before the winter chill sets in, and with the help of 15-20 volunteers every day, I know we can do it!”

ARGI Left it's Mark

This is the fourth year that the Cincinnati team helped build a home with H4H, and they hope to make this a regular volunteer event. For more information about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, please visit

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